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Kiali Integrations

Integration with other tools and platforms.

1 - Kiali Backstage Plugin

The Kiali Plugin for Backstage

The Kiali Backstage Plugin provides information about each Service Mesh object related with an entity in Backstage, a framework for building developer portals.


The plugin has different views to be included in Backstage:

  • Added as cards to see resource lists
  • Added as a tab which includes all the predefined Kiali cards
  • Added as a page, which views are not going to be filtered by entities and offer a full Kiali view


The Kiali Backstage plugin is released as a technology preview in Red Hat Developer Hub.


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2 - OSSM Console

OpenShift Service Mesh Console - Dynamic plugin for OpenShift

OpenShift Service Mesh Console (OSSMC) is a Kiali integration for OpenShift Console based on OpenShift dynamic plugins technology. It integrates part of the Kiali UI functionality into the OpenShift Console, providing visibility of the Service Mesh.


OSSMC was first released in September 2022 as a developer preview. It has since be released GA in October 2023.


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